Monday, October 27, 2008

a piece of weekend

the weekend was lovely. very chill and very relaxed. I got some good creative time in.
I made a layout just for me (see above). I worked on a minibook. I brainstormed ideas for my December Daily/Journal Your Christmas book. So happy that Ali is posting about her book for this year. Check it out here.

Totally loving Dina's art journal class. I finally understand what the big deal with Golden Gesso is. It is the most awesome base thing ever. I am using a 7 Gypsies blank composition book as my journal for the class. It is taking the layers of paint and gesso like a champ. No buckling or anything. I totally made a mess of my desk though. Check it:

alright, got to get to work now. people to pay, fires to put out.
have a great monday.


Beth Perry said...

I have never used gesso before. I will have to check it out. Your new projects look amazing.
Yeah, we had a blast Friday night. I so can't wait to get my pics in so I can make my album! :P
Have a good week!

sara berry said...

I always LOVE seeing the desk when someone shows a makes me feel so much better about how insane mine looks!

tallynt said...

so it's been a while since I checked out your blog, it's beautiful!!!! And love seeing all the paint and stuff on your desk, looks fabulous. Hoping i can convince you to come and enable me at the convention in a couple of weeks. I also have something for you. =)

Glenda T. said...

I just love your blog header and the new look of your blog!!

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