Friday, December 11, 2009

Fun with Yarn: '09 Edition

I had some yarn left over from the yarn balls I made last year, so I decided to try out this whole fingerknitting thing I've seen floating around the internet.

Now, I have never knitted a thing in my life before today because I am convinced that I am not coordinated enough to manage two knitting needles, a pattern and a wily thing of yarn all at the same time.

But this whole knitting with your fingers is pretty okay. I really liked the little scarf? garland? thing I made.

I ended up eventually unraveling it because my skein got really knotted and tangled, but I will definitely try to finish it once I am able to untangle everything. I just love that yarn though. The red is the perfect holiday red, in my opinion..

And it was nice to try something new.
I used this video tutorial here, but you could try this more complicated one here, or just by googling "finger knitting."

1 comment:

Vel said...

Ha! I just saw a video on this Saturday and gave it a try (like you, I'm convinced I can't do it either, even though I wish I could). It was pretty easy. I'm just not sure how many of these garland thingies I really need. Wonder if there's a way to connect them to make them fatter so they really are like a scarf. Hmmm

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