Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday things around the house

Finally got around to doing a little decorating at home...

All shots taken at night (because it gets dark at like, 3pm now...)

I hung up the wreaths I made last year (and am planning to pick up a fresh evergreen wreath later this week).

I took everything off of my inspiration wires (for a fresh start) and hung up some gold glittered stars.

A necklace holder shaped like bare white branches, with a vintage felt ornament, an origami reindeer ornament and some tin stars I recently got at Target.

On the same dresser next to the white metal tree, I have a silver basket that holds some odds and ends.

I love this big felt snowflake (found this year at Target). And my tiny tree.

A blurry photo of some feathers and sparkly leaves in a vase.

Some pinecones (cleaned, and found at the Arboretum) with my little ceramic bird from Common Folk Co. in a milkglass candy dish I found at the thriftstore.

The area on top of one of my shelves. A milkglass vase with a glittered branch. A Christmas card in a frame. A silver tray for my keys (recently thrifted).

And one of my bookshelves in my crafting nook.

Stamp is from Paper Source. And there will be more on the terrarium and the white trees later this week...

Oh yes, and this little sign that G absolutely hates. He thinks it is tacky. I kind of do too, but it is soo sparkly, I'm kind of digging it.

Now that I've decorated.. it's beginning to feel a lot like...well, you know.

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