Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A very Starbucks Holiday Season

You may remember that I work for Starbucks, a company and brand that I am pretty enthusiastic about.

The red cups have  been out for a while, but I was saving up this post to actually occur in December. You see, my favorite time of year at Starbucks is the holidays... I love the new products, I love the gingerbread lattes, and I especially love the decor. This year the theme is based on what looks like papercuttings and red felt.

Very simple, economical, and so pretty.

(Sorry for the weird fogging... my powershot's faceplate keeps popping off, and it give me some trouble with the white balance) Anyway, I've been collecting Starbucks ornaments for the last five years or so. I actually have a little tree that I put up every year that has nothing but Starbucks ornaments on it. This year it was so heavy, it fell over while I was arranging ornaments. I may have to get a bigger tree for next year!

My cube is adorned quite festively as well. I have a wreath I bought from a sale from last year's store decorations...and I also have a few holiday mugs and my cute little reindeer ornament (also from last year) hanging out on my desk shelf.

And let's not forget my red scarf (which previously adorned a wreath at SBC, similar to the photo below).

Totally love this time of year.


Stephanie said...

Oh jeez, I am so IN LOVE with those little cup ornaments. Too bad my husband won't buy me one ;(

Christina said...

OMG:) I have some Starbucks gift card holders ... that I used as clothing of sorts for my preemie girl:) There was a little mitten that was perfect (obviously, lol) for a plastic gift card, but also fit her little hand so well ... I still have the pair. They weren't actually functional, since she wasn't out throwing snowballs or anything, but the size was just adorably perfect. I now always associate Starbucks and Christmas for this reason (and 'cause I'm a native Seattleite, of course!)

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