Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My favorite things: Typewriters

I have written of my love for typewriters on this blog quite a few times. I love them. I love the clacking sound they make, their lovely metal manual bits and the way that whatever you type, it looks good. .

I actually own five manual typweriters, three of which I use on a regular basis. All are non-electric. I think manual portable typewriters look the coolest.

So you can imagine my delight when lately, I have noticed an increase in typewriter imagery within the scrappy product world. Check it.

This stamp actually started it all for me. I love the majestic grungy lines of this machine.

And then I found this one:

And I love this one. It has a cute little journaling stamp on the side!

Isn't this perfectly sweet?

There were a few more that I found on Etsy... but this one is my favorite.

And of course, I love typewriters on overlays, and rub ons...

And if you really want to earn some typewriter nerd cred, Strikethru just annouced they are working on Silent Type issue 2. Good stuff.

If you can't get yourself a vintage model, or even some scrappies ones, you can still play around with good old fashioned fonts.

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