Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A little Seattle adventure...

On a sunny Saturday a few weekends ago, we took the time to go visit our little Seattle Art Museum (SAM). I was super excited to go check out the Warhol exhibit. (Photobooth photos! Vintage Polaroids! Of course I had to go.)

So we caught the light rail downtown and grabbed some coffee. Art and coffee totally go together.
Overall, the exhibit was pretty small, but very interesting. My favorite part was the photobooth wall filled with the photos from other museum goers. Of course we had to participate.

Dude! We're in a museum exhibit. Temporarily, anyway. But still. Awesome.

On the way out we toured some of the other exhibits, including the Kurt Cobain one. Sigh. 

Despite being bigger than the Warhol exhibit it was definitely not as cool. I just don't understand why this exhibit was at SAM and not at EMP. We have a whole freaking museum dedicated to music... seriously curators, what were you thinking? I know, I know. You were thinking of getting money from the tourists. I forgive you this time, but only because of the awesome Picasso exhibit that will be here starting in October. Double sigh.

Anyway...After that we got some lunch at Pike Place Market. 

And then that night for dinner, we totally barbecued. I love weekends. 


Melissa Mann said...

So interesting! The more you blog about Seattle, the more I wished I lived there sometimes - or at least could visit :-)

tenaya said...

I love the photo you placed in the exhibit! It looks like it was a perfect day in Seattle!

Stephanie said...

Um. Jealous.

Tina said...

i hate your photos.
only because it makes me miss seattle.
and there are tons more cool stuff to do there.

蕾蕾 said...

看到好文章心情就很好 ^^

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