Monday, August 16, 2010

Picnic Adventure Minibook

Okay, this is another book from my "box o'unfinished projects." I previously shared it in a video post here, and I just finished it this weekend.

I started this book last August, with a kit from an ex-design team that, (to be honest) I found really difficult to work with. Actually, I thought about throwing this book into the recycle bin any number of times. Three things stopped me.
1.  I already had half-finished assembling the pages
2.  The pictures were already printed and paid for.
3.  I decided to be too stubborn to give up on this "challenge."

So, this is not my most favorite project ever. In fact, I dislike it a little bit.

I consider this healthy, however, as it allowed me to really think about what I like and dislike about making minibooks and other memory-related art. And it was important to capture this story.

So here it is...

(I completely forgot to photograph the stuff inside that envelope)

Things I liked about this book:
- It's DONE.
- I got to play with new tissue tape and paper tape. Love that stuff.
- It's mixed media.
- It tells the story of a great day.

Things I disliked about this book:
- Things were coming unglued! I originally used a glue stick (craft-grade!) to adhere everything down.. Things actually had started to come unglued as I handled them. It makes my decision to get one of those ATG thingies seem like an even better idea now.
- Doing a book with just 4x6 single prints was so so frustrating. I am in a serious collage phase right now.
- Matching my style then with my style now was also frustrating. Because I started this in a non-paint/mist "period" I had to keep resisting the urge to grunge it up.

And did I mention that I was really happy it's done?
Yup. Cross this one off the list!

Now I just have a wedding book (for a friend), two December Daily books and a mixed layer book (another frustrating one) to get done and then the box will be empty! YES. Making progress is so awesome.


Christina said...

I think this turned out awesome and you did a good job of meshing then and now together =)
Q: the 3 picture up there is a brown barcket type paper on the right(could be the ledger paper ??) just wondering if the bracket was a punch or the papers where dye cut that way. I noticed it was on a couple other pgs too.

themathchick said...

Nicely done, Christina! I've been looking at my basket of unfinished projects lately and thinking that one of these days I'm just going to power-through and get them done. I'm so relieved to hear that I'm not the only one with 2 unfinished December Daily books in my unfinished project pile - LOL! I seriously thought I was alone on that one ;) Looking forward to seeing more of your completed unfinished projects!

Melissa Mann said...

Awesome! Congrats on getting it done!

Jennifer said...

Super cute ... I love your minis, and how you still made the product "you".

Eleodora Rashbaun said...

Hey I really love this work!!!
Congratulations from BraSil!!!


Meal Replacement said...

Congratulations on getting it done! It reminds me of a jewelry project which I did sometime ago. The project seemed like such a great idea then but as the necklace started to form and I was halfway done, I realized that it didn't look as nice as I had imagined it to be. And because of this, it felt like such a stretch to get it done.

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