Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 02 - Trimming the Tree

For the last several years we've found it more convenient to not have a full sized Christmas tree at our house--so I live vicariously through Greg's parents in that regard. One tree-related tradition I've maintained however, is my at-work Christmas tree.

Today, I was able to bum a ride for my big bag of Christmas swag to bring it to work this morning. Greg got treated to breakfast and I got to decorate my cube in a most festive manner.

I've been collecting the Starbucks cup ornaments since I started working for the company. I have a little tree that is about a foot and a half high. Over the years, my collection of Starbucks holiday decorations has grown quite a bit. In fact, last year my tree toppled over due to the sheer amount of all the ornaments that were on it.

I'm going shopping for a bigger artificial tree later this week, but for now, the tiny tree was decorated, wreaths were hung up in my cube and all the holiday mugs got busted out.

I listened to the new Paperclipping Roundtable (and digi show). I worked on projects at work. I played with my new Retro Camera app on my ipod. I cooked a lovely dinner with the boy. Got supplies for the cupcakes I need to bake. Went for a brisk walk outside at night with G. Finally spent the time to get all our travel financials reconciled. Made plans to meet a friend at Urban Craft Uprising on Sunday.  Happily worked on fulfilling all my etsy orders (thank you SO much, by the way). Stayed up way too late again. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow being Friday.

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Melissa Mann said...

Loving this collage of photos :-)

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