Saturday, December 25, 2010

December 25: The Big Day

This post is written and posted retroactively for documentation's sake.

I got up at the ridiculous hour of 6:30 am on Christmas morning. (Ridiculous because I am a childless adult. Properly I should have been sleeping until at least 10:30.)

I fired up a batch of cinnamon rolls from scratch, and while they were filling the house with their delicious aroma, I turned on the TV and found A Christmas Story playing. I sat in the dining room, with everyone else asleep and did a little scrapping and present packing. It was so peaceful. 

When the buns were baked and the boy was up, we trekked over to his folks' house where we had coffee, strata and my tasty cinnamon rolls. Stockings were opened...and then we got to the good stuff: presents!

I got a delightful beach-themed present from my sweetie that included a tiny plushie octopus, tickets to the newly revamped aquarium and a pair of very functional black Wellies. Hurray!

There was much rejoicing and enjoyment in the spoils of our Christmas victories. And then whilst some people were napping, Greg and I stole away to Alki to get a nice walk (and so I could try out my new boots!).

Later there was dinner and laughter and the company of good friends. It was a very merry Christmas indeed.

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