Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Christmas Traditions

I decided that unlike previous years, I would stop taking daily photos after December 25th. That's as far as my still-to-be-finished 2010 December Daily is going to go.

I still have a few other posts to write, but I wanted to add this one as one last holiday-themed addition to the blog.

In the early part of December, I started a running list of all my Christmas traditions and favorite things about the holidays in my notepad on my iTouch. Looking at it now, it's both funny and satisfying to see that in 2010, I actually got to accomplish EVERY single thing on my list.

Exceedingly serendipitous. Here's the list.
* chocolate oranges
* Christmas card crafting
* urban craft uprising
* tree trimming
* nog
* shopping
* candles
* Starbucks red cups and ornaments
* hanging stockings
* wreaths
* cinnamon rolls
* wrapping presents
* dinner with family and friends
* a Christmas story
* Christmas morning presents
* december daily
* wishlist making
* snow photos
* making ornaments
* nutcrackers
* store displays
* gingerbread anything
* knitted cozy things
* good boots
* shimelle's JYC class* downtown decorations
* seasonal playlists
* peppermint anything
* giving to a charitable cause

Pretty cool, neh? 

I think next year, when I have a bit more energy, I'll redo this post and throw in some photos. Or maybe I'll just do a minibook... Hmmm.... 


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