Friday, December 10, 2010

One Little Word: 2011

We interrupt this holiday blogging session to bring you some urgent news!

Image courtesy of Big Picture Classes and Ali Edwards

Ali Edwards is doing a class on One Little Word in 2011. It's through Big Picture Classes and it is an excellent price point of $36 for a whole year of monthly prompts. That kind of pace sounds totally do-able right now.

I'm in.

I've been meaning to do something a bit more tangible with the concept, and aside from an occasional blog post and a general philosophy of living (it's a start though), haven't done anything really focused.

Very exciting. And it starts on January 1. So... I'll consider it a birthday present to myself. Or you know, close enough.


Big Picture Classes is a sponsor of the much-adored Paperclipping Roundtable podcast. I've been waiting to use the affiliate link (to give them a little $ love) and I think this is the perfect opportunity to save 10%.

You only get the 10% once though, so I was considering using it for the other big class Ali is running (Yesterday and Today) but the One Little Word class is way more up my alley right now. ;)

Okay, back to cleaning. And photo editing. And getting a blog post or three up. And getting presents wrapped. And then maybe, sleeping. Or scrapping. The to-do list is insane, if you couldn't tell.

Happy Friday!


Melissa Mann said...

I think that class will be fantastic! Definitely going to be picking that up as well :-)

noell said...

Enjoy that class! Thanks for the $-love (hee hee) and your support with this blog post! :)


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