Friday, March 11, 2011


It's been really busy around here lately. Lots to share, but not a lot of time right now for things like editing photos to share on the blog. Work is still crazy busy and when I get home I am too busy cutting and punching papers until my hands cramp. Ah, the joys of kit-assembling. Also, writing instructions that look nice and are easy for humans to understand is time consuming.

I'm really excited to teach my class on Sunday though.
(And if you are in town, call the store! A bunch of ladies cancelled so there are still spots available)
More info on the online options will be up later. And if it goes well, I'm also hoping to do a second in-person round on a weekend in April. :)

But for now, I will share a photo of the progress related to some spring blossoms.

This photo was rescued from a corrupted memory card. I lost most of the photos on the disk (which is a reason why I almost always download to the computer the day I take them). I'm glad it survived.

It was taken on pretty much the last sunny day we had in a while here. I love it.

It shows progress. My little cherry tree is working hard at growing and blossoming for spring. It's working hard. It's ready for the change of seasons.

And yes, I am trying for some sort of metaphor here. ;)

Happy Friday!


Elisabeth Costa said...

Best of luck with your class, I'm sure those taking it will have an inspiring time:)

Bekka said...

Beautiful photo! I'm so ready for spring weather!

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