Tuesday, January 3, 2012

30 Before 30: Final Round Up

When I created my original 30 before 30 list, I thought it was a really great thing to have as a blogging topic. And also good for my life in general. Honestly, I lost my drive about halfway through the year.

Even though I did make the cutest mini book to document it. Still wasn't enough. 

Let's see how I did though, shall we?

1.   Do something that puts me out of my comfort zone
      Done. Went out by myself to hang out with cool people at Artfest Annex. 
      Should do this again.

2.   Finish the 2010 sketchbook project and mail it to the Brooklyn Art Library
       Done. You can see it online.

3.   Do something selfless that only benefits another person
      Done. I donated blood 6 times. And gave to a bunch of charities.

4.   Get to gold level on my Starbucks rewards 

      Done. So worth it. I've earned like 10 free drinks. Yum.

5.   Visit a museum
      Done. Visited SAM; getting membership passes was a great idea.

6.   Visit the aquarium
      Done. Visited the Oregon Coast Aquarium on our coastal road trip.
7.   Buy a bike and use it

      Done. Greg and I bought an exercise bike.

8.   Stick to exercise program and be active regularly
      Done. My average is 3-4 workouts a week. Taking the stairs at work is now easy. ;)

9.   Try a lighter shade of red or copper hair
      Done. Thanks Feria Power Reds. (I switched from Ruby Fusion to Copper Shimmer)

10.  Finish 12 projects (1 per month is totally reasonable)
      One: Such Sweet Tierney Guest Design 
      Two: Springtime Mini 

      Three: The Mini Smash book

      Four: 10 Reasons to Love Summer

      Five: Portland Mini

      Six: Go Layout

      Seven: Baby Girl Book

      Eight: Baby Boy Book

      Nine: Haunted Cabinet Card Mini

      Ten: Spooky Rosette Banner
      Eleven: Thanks Mini

      Twelve: Holiday Shadowbox

      The final count for 2011?
         10 Layouts
         8 Minibooks
         4 ATCs
         2 Cards
         2 Artsy Decor Items
         26 Art Journal Pages

      Not too shabby.

11.  Assemble a camera
      Nope. Not done. I need a free Saturday and a tiny screwdriver. 

12.  Carve a stamp
       Done. Love this. Very soothing. Totally inspired by Julie Fei Fan Balzer.

13.  Use my new Big Shot to emboss something
       Done. Done. Done. Tiny polka dots are my new favorite.

14.  Attend a street festival
       Done. Bite of Seattle totally counts. I ate food off of a stick.

15.  Go to the cabin for vacation
       Done. I learned how to Kayak.

16.  Go to the coast for a long weekend
       Done. Greg and I did this for our anniversary this year. It was wonderful.

17.  Continue the search for a new house       Done. And it seems like we are getting serious now.

18.  Attend social events and spend time with friends
       Done. The crop of newborns this year did not help with this though.

19.  Have a party       Done. Halloween was awesome.

20.  Go to Portland and/or Victoria again
       Done. I went to Portland for CKC and as part of the OR Coast trip.

21.  Attend a crafty event
       Done. I went to CKC, both Urban Craft Uprising shows, AND a sleepover crop.

22.  Ensure feet are cute (shoes, pedicures, whatever is necessary)       Done. Thanks go to Groupon for that spa day.

23.  Teach another class       Done. I ended up teaching more than one class. It was a good experience.

24.  Source and wear a new signature scent
       Done. Thanks Anthro. I love smelling like delicious vanilla spice magic.

25.  Invest in better camera gear (get a new P&S and a new SLR lens)
       Done. I bought a new 50 mm to replace the broken one and got a kickass P&S.

26.  Submit photos to Puyallup Fair competition
       Nope. Puyallup what? When? Total fail.

27.  Work on something that involves fabric and/or stitchery
       Done.  I sewed my own waist cincher for Steamcon.

28.  Finish reading all of Sherlock Holmes
       Done. Still amazing writing even after 100 years.

29.  Shoot 6 rolls of film (1 pack of polaroid = 1 roll)
       Done.  Thank you little instax baby.

30.  Redesign blog
       Nope. Still the same.

So... 27/30 accomplished is not bad. Actually, yay. I feel really good about this.

Now to work on my list for this year. Any suggestions (aside from blogging more, obvs)?


Jennifer said...

dang ... you rocked the last year! congrats!! hope your new years was wonderful!

Stephanie said...

You constantly blow me away. You are so driven and so creative, you put me to shame. ::attempting to soak up some awesome from here::


evasuejane. said...

your holiday shadow box is A DOR ABLE.

i love it.
i love all of your stuff, but i have always wanted to make a shadow box, maybe i'll make that my goal for next year's holiday projects. [:

and 27/30 is AWESOME! way to go!!


Winged said...

Cool! Love your creations, great, so many "done"s :) Happy New Year, best wishes, new goals!

Jeff Hardy said...

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